You can search our crossword puzzle database to look for clues and answers, but most conveniently to help solve a crossword you're stuck on. If you don't know a letter in an answer, use a question mark in its place. Read our help page for lots of examples.

New feature: For faster entry of partial answers you can now use spaces for unknown letters. Try it out below, spaces in the answer box are automatically turned into question marks. Even if you don't know any of the letters (all question marks) it helps so Crossword Tracker only returns answer choices that have the correct number of letters.

How to search Crossword Tracker efficiently

Let's suppose the clue you're trying to find the answer of is Healing balm (answer ALOE) and you know only the last two letters, OE. To properly search Crossword Tracker, enter ??OE in the answer box and hit search. The question marks serve as placeholders for letters that you don't know, but entering them allows the search engine to know how many letters the correct answer has. When the search returns, you'll see ALOE as the top hit. Since there are a lot of four letter answers that end in OE (OBOE, SHOE, etc), you may not have everything you need. If you still can't figure out the answer, try adding a keyword from the clue in the clue box. Search again with ??OE in the answer box and "balm" in the clue box. This time you end up directly on the answer's page.

More examples and tips are available on our help page